Prairie Valley Cloth // Custom Plus Size Scrundies Review

What better way to start than from the bottom. Literally! I’m going to be reviewing some scrundies. And let me just say, I love that they’re called scrundies. I should go into detail why I don’t like the word panties someday, but I’m not going to now. For some reason, it just sounds icky in my head. And I haven’t called something icky for at least ten years, so that’s how you know. Let’s just agree that *scranties* doesn’t sound good for a reason. And underwear and its denominations are gender neutral so I’m all for it. Woo!


The scrundies pattern was created by Stitch Upon a Time (purchase here, nonaffiliate), designed to be some of the most comfortable underwear ever. This intrigued me right away, as I have never ever found any comfortable underwear. Ever. This is due to my body type though, as it’s unconventional, and can be hard to specialize for. I am a plus size person, wearing a 3x – 4x pant size depending on the brand (around a 24/26). So when I found out that the pattern naturally runs up to a 24/26, I was so surprised. Kudos to SUaT for that.

However, I will not be reviewing the standard pattern today. I inquired with the lovely seamstress, Mindy, over at Prairie Valley Cloth to make a custom version of the scrundies 3x pattern with a wider waist band and a taller height to the panels (as suggested by Min).

Edit: Prairie Valley Cloth = PVC Stitches


These two images were given in the listing for the design I chose. Of course, I got galaxy print, for two reasons actually.

  1. I prefer dark colors for my undies. I don’t know why, but I do.
  2. I’m addicted to galaxy and nebula printed anything. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t at least like galaxy type prints, it’s just such an amazing concept to make into a fabric print.


Seriously, look at this blue galaxy wetbag I got last summer from Nic and Elli. It’s just beautiful. And gorgeous. And amazing. *Sigh*.

Oh yeah, scrundies review, I got lost in the nebula. Alrighty! Back on track!


The underwear that I’ve been the most successful with have the wide waist band, but they roll down underneath my stomach because the front panel doesn’t have enough coverage for my “apron”, as one may call it. The standard scrundies pattern does have wider bands than normal underwear, but I requested an even wider version than that at the waist. I decided to just go for it, for the highest possible probability for success. In application, however, I don’t know if it was necessary. I’m still glad I asked for it, but wow, the coverage on these is amazing. They land three or four inches above my belly button and match my pant’s waistband.


Another custom change I made to the listing was to request solid black bands. I do love the look of the printed bands and I think they would look great on a pair of solid or simpler patterned scrundies, but I wanted the print to be front and center.

Gorgeous print, isn’t it?

^^ This photo made me realize that I can make the joke that my ass is out of this world, which is awesome in itself 😂

Something that I’ve noticed that I love about scrundies is the serging details on the inside. I love it. Most undies that I’ve tried have simple z stitches and they pop out so so easily if you attempt to stretch them at all. The basis of scrundies as an elastic free underwear is that they’re made out of different stretching materials that happen to be ideal for most underwear formats.


I decided to go with a poly lycra for my scrundies because I need a stretch to them. For plus size bodies, poly lycra’s the recommended material for the body of the scrundies. That’s because materials like cotton lycra will stretch out and never go back into shape. For people without particularly substantial bellies or bums, a cotton based scrundie is fine, though. I find that poly lycra feels a lot like a thin swimsuit material, and is super comfy.

For those who may have concerns over using polyester materials for undies, the gusset is lined with what I assume is a cotton, in a lovely coordinating purple color. Oh, and I thought the width of the gusset was going to annoy me, but no. The feeling is so comfortable, and gives me so much coverage both in the crotch and around my upper thigh (which is what, ultimately, I’m looking for in my undies).

I’m not prudish, that’s obvious enough, so coverage isn’t based in a need for the most covering of garments possible. Coverage gives me the most comfort. I’m not used to standard underwear, in fact, for a long time I wore bike shorts in place of undies underneath my clothes because I simply couldn’t find something that fit me properly that didn’t annoy me! Everything either rolled or tucked or just fell off! These are snug, but not constricting, and give me some semblance of shape underneath my clothes. These are a breath of fresh air for me, as well as my self esteem in terms of clothing.

Update // So, I finally tried these out with cloth pads (this post being written about three weeks ago now) and I am amazed. While I know that it’s probably just due to having properly fitting undies, they’ve kind of revolutionized my opinions on cloth pads. I, naturally, am normally an internal protection person. Usually a cup. Well, over the past few (almost four) years, only a cup, and some interlabial pads. But recently I’ve been getting more into cloth pads, from the fabrics, to the logistics, blah blah blah, and I love supporting small businesses in general so it’s a win win win. But I hadn’t been able to effectively use them because I didn’t have proper undies. Let me tell you: it has been a revelation. They are kept in place, don’t slide up and down the gusset, and I can finally wear them confidently, knowing that they won’t move. No checking every half hour to fix bunching, or anything like that. I was sad the days that I had to switch off to use my cup when my scrundies were in the wash. I will say, I’m comfortable with a wider gusset and using the wider gusset snaps on pads. I think that’s also part of why they work so well with this application. If you have to have a teeny tiny gusset whilst wearing your pads, scrundies may not be ideal, but I’m sure you could make them work. //

I cannot thank Min over at PVC West enough for what she made for me, they are awesome and well customized to what I requested. The serging and sewing is impeccable, by the way, but I knew it would be so it didn’t even come up in my mind! I’ll definitely be buying more pairs later! After all, it’s not like I can stay away from fabric prints like Walking Dead and Popcorn. So cute! 😊


(Taken lovingly from the PVC Facebook group! As I suggest with all of these sewing etc. small businesses, I totally recommend joining their private group. I personally get a big kick out of seeing all of the orders going out in the PVC West group, and what other people are buying. Go do it! ❤)

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Garnier // Clearly Brighter SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer Review


Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 

$14.99 for 2.5 fluid ounces at Ulta Beauty 

“Developed with our Antioxidant Complex of Vitamin C & E, and gentle exfoliating Lipo-Hydroxyl Acid (LHA). This fast absorbing, non-greasy formula helps reduce the look of visible sun-damage, revealing radiant, more even-toned, younger-looking skin.”  

This moisturizer is one of my current faves for daily wear because of the light weight feel. I have combination skin, normal with a mildly oily t zone, so I tend to be quite temperamental about my skincare.

In that same vein, I very rarely apply any significant amounts of moisturizer on my nose or the glabella between my eyes. It gets concentrated along the border of my face, my cheekbones, and along my jaw and down the neck.

I find it to be ideal for underneath makeup, and it’s also great for mixing into foundation for a luminous tinted moisturizer (depending on the coverage of the foundation to begin with).


It’s lightweight, but gives me enough moisture in my face frame, which also gets slightly dry in the winter. It’s worked great for me, with my fluctuating facial conditions.

If you have an extremely dry face / neck, this may not be enough moisture for you, but most people with any combination of skin types would likely find this usable.

There is a light scent to it, only what I can describe as a “Garnier / Lancome skincare” scent. It’s light and nonirritating to me, but I don’t have particularly sensitive skin. Once the product is on your skin, it’s pretty much unnoticeable.


I don’t find this moisturizer too greasy looking, for my oily skinned loves, more natural looking than anything. It’s unique, but a well formulated moisturizing cream.

I feel as though this could cause flashback in photographs, pairing the luminosity and the SPF 15, so I would suggest supplementing this with a different moisturizer on days where you know photos will be taken.

This is going on my favourite products list, and I’ll definitely be purchasing when this sample runs out.

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I’ve discovered that Garnier actually has a few more types of moisturizer in this line for different skin types. While I cannot recommend them personally, I do know that most of the Garnier skin care I’ve tried has been great for my skin. I find that Garnier is one of the better western skincare brands that are available at the drugstore. If you’re interested in this moisturizer or think it would be good for you, I’m fairly certain that any of these would work out fine.

Nomad Eco Stitches // Cloth Pad Haul & First Impressions


So, recently the lovely Tracy over at Nomad Eco Stitches had a restock that featured some hand dyed OBV and I absolutely had to indulge in because I find ice dyed OBV so gorgeous.

I’ve been meaning to order up some pads from NES for {3} reasons:

  1. The price point is absolutely fantastic for the lengths and absorbency they carry.
    1. I chose to indulge in some longer pads because I’m lazy and I prefer to wash every four days but I just don’t have enough overnights in my stash for that. They were so so reasonable in price.
  2. The customization options on certain prints are great (but not RTS).
    1. The skull / calavera / calaca print is available in multiple lengths and absorbencies.
  3. I always love supporting military fams, as a former Army brat myself ^_^
    1. Tracy’s husband is a Marine. The nomad part of “Nomad Eco Stitches” makes my heartstrings twang a bit, even now. ❤

Alright, onto the pads!




This first pad I am so so excited about. I’ve been wanting a calacas / Dia de los Muertos pad forever, as I’ve been studying hispanohablante culture and the Spanish language for nearly 7 years now. It just makes me happy to see something so unique!

This pad is a 12.5″ heavy, ironically the shortest pad that I got on this order. The core stitching on this is a very pretty almost decorative zig zag that I quite like! The cotton top seems to be of a good quality, and soft for a cotton knit / flat faced cotton (can’t quite tell).

The pattern repetition and placement is quite good, no complaints about that. The hand drawn looking design is so different, and just plain gorgeous. The flowers, particularly the roses, put the perfect Mexican flair to this design. The colors are also incredibly vibrant. Love love love!

Here is a direct link to this pad, as it’s still available (and customizable) in Tracy’s shop as of 8 May 2016. X




The next pad I picked out is a gorgeous feather design. Teal is one of my most favorite colors and this mixture of colors is visually appealing to my eye.

This is also quite a long pad for me at 14″. This would be a great great overnight for almost anyone, in any situation. I would consider this a postpartum absorbency. The feathers on this look almost like hand painted design, and both the purple and the teal have a nice colour vibrancy in a vintage-y sort of way. Beautiful!~

Here is a direct link to this pad, as it’s still available in Tracy’s shop as of 8 May 2016.




(bonus backshot because it’s just so gorgeous)

The final pad I have here is the pad I discussed at the beginning of this post. Tracy did a limited run of some hand dyed OBV, and I simply had to get this one because it was calling to me so strongly. This pad is also a 14″ overnight / postpartum.

I just have to say, out right, this is probably the softest pad I have ever felt in my life. And it’s an organic fiber! Amazing! I’m sorry if it´s looking a bit rumpled, I couldn’t help but just feel it for a while after I got it. I’ll definitely be looking into some more organic bamboo velour in the future.

The colouring on this is utterly breathtaking, and one of a kind. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but the depth of the colour is so gorgeous and the intermingling with the others it looks amazing. The unique part of this pad compared to the other two I bought is that it seems to be a true hidden core style pad. I don’t think I have any of this type, so I’m excited to see how it holds up.

Overall Impressions:DSCF0304x

These are so well put together! These are my first pads that are backed in Windpro, and I’m very impressed with the quality of that as well. Each of these are backed in black Windpro, if you were wondering.

The snaps seem like standard size 20 KAM, and they are placed pretty much perfectly. They seem quite durable and the colours are coordinated with the colours of the print. The double snap is definitely appreciated for the size of the width of these pads.

The construction is nearly perfect, and after a wash and a close inspection there seems to be no problems at all. The aesthetic of it all is quite nice, whether it’s of the stitched core or hidden core variety.

The gentle flair design seems to be perfect for me, as well as perfect for most people. I totally would suggest this style in a 10″ for anyone’s first cloth pad experience.

The overall feel of these pads is what surprised me: they are so incredibly thin for what they are (heavy and postpartum pads). The OBV topped is just a bit more cushion / squishy than the cotton toppeds. They will all be awesome for overnight, and I think I could pull off the twelve and a half inch with skulls for a day at home as well! I’m super excited to use them.

I totally recommend joining the Nomad Eco Stitches private Facebook group, it’s great if you want updates on stockings and other information.

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