Bath & Body Works // Summer 2016 SAS Semi Annual Sale Haul

Woo! Who doesn’t love the Semi Annual Sale? I don’t know why they don’t just call it the biannual sale, as it’s always twice a year, but here I am anyways, buying a ton of stuff for the hell of it. Why not? It’s all at such a good price, and who doesn’t love smelling good?

Unfortunately, my mall is in the middle of a clusterfluff of road construction for the summer, and no one in my family is willing to brave that (including me) to go to Bath & Body Works. Which is fine with me, God bless online shopping.

I felt fine ordering online because I really was only interested in their #FlashbackFragrances, which were reliably all on sale and available online (and I think still are, until at least the beginning of July). I am sad I won’t be able to get into the trenches in store and rifle through those 75% off sale and discontinued bins, but I will live, especially because I’ve got all of these new goodies to play with!

I got all body products this order because I haven’t gotten new body stuff is a year and a half, not this previous Winter SAS but the one before (Year of Christmas 2014? sure.). We’ll start with the exciting stuff and work to the less exciting stuff, lol. Not a good way to have an audience reading to the end of a post but that is how we’re doing it!


First off, I got some body mists, or Fine Fragrance Mists as B&BW describes them. I can’t say that without thinking “Fiiiiine” like how you would describe a lover or someone you think is hot hahah. Not necessarily my opinions on a body spray. These are going for $3.75 a piece, and I got them down to $3.07 with a $10 off of $40 coupon. Score!

I got Country Apple, a Sun Ripened Raspberry, a Cucumber Melon, and a Cotton Blossom.

Cotton Blossom is actually a really nice cotton scent, and it smells similar to if you had clothes hanging out on the line. Awesome scent, I think I’ll love it a lot for days when I don’t wanna go hard on the fruity [which is rare, but it does happen 😉 ]


Onto shower gels! I’ve been meaning to get more into smelly shower products to get myself into a proper shower routine. Cue, smelly shower gel! Yes!

Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, and Sun Ripened Raspberry, of course. I always reliably like fruity notes in my bath products, and these are no exception. Yum yum yum.

Country Apple is a bit of an artificial apple scent, but it does smell good. It’s just clean and fresh enough not to be overpowering on the apple. Very good!

Cucumber Melon is such a classic. I personally smell a lot of cantaloupe in the scent with a background of cucumber and a sweetness that seems like it is based in a honeydew type, and that’s how it turns out on my skin. It’s just lovely.

As far as my opinions on Sun Ripened Raspberry, it is a true sweet raspberry scent. When I used this on my skin, it adopted a sort of warmth to it that was yummy for a raspberry scent.


Next will seem like a more odd item, but I had to get some Triple Moisture Body Creams. I love love love the TMBC formulation, and they have done away with it! They’ve replaced it with their new Ultra Shea Body Cream formulation, and I find the Ultra Shea way too greasy! Sad face. So I decided to just pick a few up and use them sparingly. It is my favourite, so I’ll have to just deal. These are currently selling for $3.25 a piece, and I got it down to $2.45 each! Awesome! Next time I get into a Bath & Body Works, I’m going to pick up more while I still can!

I got Dancing Waters and Rainforest Leaves, particularly because I have tried and loved Dancing Waters and that they’re both neutral enough scents that won’t conflict with other skincare I have. And they won’t make me nauseated when I don’t want to smell like a tropical fruit salad. Dancing Waters is a slightly musky yet fresh water scent that I’ve always loved, and I’m so happy to have such a large amount of it, unadulterated! Rainforest Leaves is still a clean rain scent, but there is a green undertone that is so nice. Both scents are right up my alley.




And last, and certainly not least, Pocketbacs. I go through phases with Pocketbacs, and when B&BW changed their Pocketbac design and packaging I got frustrated and refused to buy anymore until I ran out. Well, a year a half later, I’m officially bored of all of my scents in the old triangle-esque packaging. It was time. My picks out of this bunch are Black Cherry Merlot, Watermelon Lemonade, and Nectarine Sun Tea, but I definitely don’t hate Golden Pineapple Luau or Strawberry Vanilla Sugar. The first three are definitely stand out scents though.

Black Cherry Merlot was a scent that everyone freaked out over, particularly in hand soap form, during the fall time. I like it as a depthful perfumey fruit scent, it really is good!

Watermelon Lemonade, this scent was and still is incredibly HYPED in candle form. I love lemon scents, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Truth be told, I was kind of still sick when I got this box of B&BW stuff in, but this was strong and amazing as ever. The watermelon is pure and sweet.

Nectarine Sun Tea, Suuuuuun tea, my love. This scent is quite the balance between the peachy nectarine and a light tea fragrance. It isn’t the best of the best, the nectarine definitely overpowers the tea, but it is still nice.

I did the 5 for $6 deal (and by the way, what happened to the 5 for $5? gosh). Actually, I take that back, because with my coupon code I ended up paying 98 cents a piece. Great! I also picked up a new carrier, as my old one won’t work with the new design. Also the turtle is gorgeous and it matches my bag so why not. That was a very white girl thing to say, but it’s chill, that’s me.

So cute! Look at his little face! I’ve decided to name him Mac, after Niccolo Machiavelli.


So that was everything I got for myself for the Semi Annual Sale this year! I love everything I picked up and can’t wait to start using everything. Mac with Nectarine Sun Tea is going on my bag right now! 😘❤️

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