7 Ingredient Simple Cold Taco Dip


This is just one of those recipes. Your cousin’s boyfriend’s mom probably has a copy of it. Everybody loves it because the base dip is incredibly simple, 3 ingredients simple. And if they don’t love a certain part of the prepared layered dip- you can exchange out ingredients so they will!

It’s a reliable addition to a taco bar. It’s a supplement for a vegetarian’s plate for a taco night that normally would only consist of rice and beans. It’s freaking pretty to look at, come on. And super satisfying to put together and layer.

The three truly required ingredients for the base dip are sour cream, cream cheese, and taco seasoning. You can take that however you please. You can go super low fat on both the sour cream and cream cheese, and doesn’t really change the flavour because the taco seasoning is so domineering over the rest.

Base Taco Dip

  • 16 oz Sour Cream
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 30 grams / 1 ounce packet Taco Seasoning
    • (Substitute for homemade seasoning, if desired.)

Just noting, I actually really love homemade taco seasoning. It’s considerably more mild than prepared seasoning, if that’s ya game. It’s super duper easy to mix up a quick batch and take a few tablespoons when you need it. Here’s my favourite recipe! However, there’s a time and a place for packet seasoning, particularly if you love the denominations of spice from mild, original, etc.


Here they are; your three base dip ingredients. Using these, we will make delicious magic! Note the condensation on both the cream cheese and the sour cream. We need these at at least room temperature. This will allow for the least amounts of lumps and bumps in the cream cheese once we start to mix everything together.


Must use happy cream cheese, of course! I was blessed with naturally happy cream cheese on this day. Combine the cream cheese and sour cream in a medium to large bowl.


Give it a quick mix together with a spatula, wooden spoon, etc. Some days I have the patience to whip my dip together by hand…


… but alas on this day I did not. That is actually Mother Dearest whipping this up because I hate using the electric mixer. I gave you this picture, despite it’s blurriness, so you can see why we mix this so intensely. We are really working to integrate as much of that cream cheese into the sour cream without lumps. However, this can be an impossible task, depending on the day. Don’t obsess over it too much. You won’t hurt the dip if you over mix it, you are really just mixing it until creamy and completely homogeneous like…


This! Gorgeous texture, is it not?


And then we add in our seasoning. This is a packet seasoning, but about a tablespoon or two of homemade will also do. To taste, of course, but our standard is 1 oz packet : 16 oz sour cream : 8 oz cream cheese and it turns out perfectly without fail. Just give that a stir up with a rubber spatula, there really is no reason to pull out the mixer again if you have no drive to. It doesn’t really affect the outcome if you do or if you don’t. So completely up to you!


If you prefer to eat this without veggies and cheese, you may, but it really does this no justice while comparing it to an American taco. I really recommend you go through and spread this out in a pan, and just go through it. It will be 100 times better! So, here you can see the texture. Even we can’t get all of those lumps out, and we’ve made this recipe upwards of 150 times in my life. Some of the texture is also the seasoning, so no worries about that. I find that after the dip is refrigerated, if you’ve mixed enough, none of the issues with the texture are present anymore.


Next, spread this out into as even of a layer as possible. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect because…


… we’re gonna cover the whole fricking thing up with shredded cheese. Oh yes. For our fourth ingredient, I used some marble jack because I like that it’s a bit less monotonous than mild cheddar, but cheddar works just as well. I also really like Mexican blends, but not the “Mexican Taco Blend” types that are just a normal cheese with taco seasoning on it. If you have a choice between that and normal cheese, definitely pick a normal mild cheddar or Colby Jack blend. Yummy!

I used a smaller more shallow pan this time, an 8×12 cookie sheet, so I didn’t use all two cups, and it was still a pretty thick layer of cheese. Finely shredded is best for this, because how the cheese sticks to the dip is important for the layerage and how the dip stays together.


Then, a layer of iceberg lettuce, our fifth ingredient. This is really just American tacos at it’s core 😂. Substitute as you wish, of course, but this is the bare bones version after all. Toss on a bag of shredded lettuce and move on with your life! I actually just really rough chopped some off of a head of iceberg, and it worked absolutely fine. The reason we keep an eye on the size of the things with this dip is so we don’t make a big mess when scooping it onto a chip or lifting it off of the pan.


And, with this final shot, our sixth and seventh ingredients, tomatoes and black olives. Both of these are really to taste type ingredients.

If you want a thick full layer of tomatoes, or even none at all, you do you boo. The world is your pickle. Our family likes a happy medium, probably around three quarters of a cup of freshly diced tomatoes. And not to boast, but these are actually some really gorgeous Beefsteak and Big Boy tomatoes from our garden. I feel like I can brag about that because I’ve had to endure tomato juice canning for the past week. As always, all of the tomatoes get ripe at once and Dearest Stepfather insists on going on the canning quest each and every August. Hey, whatever makes him happy.

Considering black olives, we like a meatier layer of those. Normally, one can of small olives quartered or ringed is perfect. Apologies for the inconsistent cut on this pan, hahah. Mother Dearest and I were cutting these together, and she was ringing and I was quartering and I didn’t realize until were nearly done. It doesn’t look all that bad, now does it?

In terms of possible additions, what immediately springs to mind is additional spice. Jalapeños, banana peppers, habaneros, green chiles, etc. to be added to the very top layer, or even minced very finely and mixed into the base dip, or perhaps even a chopped bell pepper rainbow of red, yellow, orange, and green on top.

However, if you noticed above, my family are spice wimps. Mother Dearest cannot even take original taco seasoning, she has to get mild, and is allergic to bell peppers (and has unfortunately passed said sensitivity onto moi). And Dearest Stepfather gets really terrible heartburn from anything more severe than original seasoning as well. And me, well, I just have had very little exposure to spice because of that so I’m afraid of most of them, to be honest.

In any case, here we are, the wrap up bit. I will say, this is probably one of the most iconic foods of my childhood. I very recently served a double batch of this at my graduation party and there was none left to bring home by the end of it.

As someone who has studied Spanish and hispanohablante culture for upwards of eight years, of course I love a lot of traditional foods as well. From true Mexican street Tacos all the way to Cuban Medianoche Tortas, they are all delicious to me. But dare I say that American tacos are my favourite food? Maybe? Probably? They’re definitely up there, with how much I love tortillas (and I love tortillas so much).

Full Recipe

  • 1 oz / 30 g packet Taco Seasoning
  • 16 oz Sour Cream
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • ~2 cups Finely Shredded Cheese
  • Shredded Iceberg Lettuce
  • ~1 cup Diced Fresh Tomatoes
  • 1 can Ringed / Quartered Small Black Olives
  1. Bring sour cream and cream cheese up to room temperature / soften. *Important*
  2. Place in a medium to large bowl and give a quick  mix to combine by hand. (Heterogeneous)
  3. Give it a quick but thorough whip with a mixer to completely emulsify the cream cheese. (Homogeneous)
  4. Sprinkle seasoning over cream mixture, and combine using a spoon or rubber spatula.
  5. Spread into a baking sheet or cake pan. (Any size, pan choice will create thickness and serving size. Smaller pans make thicker, bigger pans make thinner.)
  6. Coat with a generous layer of finely shredded cheese.
  7. Follow up with a layer of shredded greenery, traditionally iceberg lettuce.
  8. And top with your favourite veg chopped fairly small (we use tomatoes and black olives on every batch).
  9. Chill for at least an hour or two to set up the dip and the cream cheese within it for the best possible texture.

So just, all in all, so I can stop rambling, try this recipe out for me, if you eat dairy and enjoy American tacos. You will not regret it. And it just may become a family Taco Night tradition for your family too. ❤

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Wilma Handmade // Wax Scent Faves + Fall & Winter Scent Picks

Wilma Handmade has created my choice wax blend for my home’s wax melting set up. I have a sort of exclusivity with Wilma for that reason. I may do a quick comparison on Wilma vs other popular options eventually, however, I will just mention I find said wax blend is very similar to Scentsy and melts impeccably in my Scentsy warmers. I can’t say the same for other vendor waxes and retail wax. I may even consider Wilma a more inexpensive dupe for Scentsy, with a much bigger and consistent scent selection, if you were to ask me personally.

Because of above stated exclusivity, however, over time I have tried an increasingly long list of scents from Wilma. And developed some true favourites. All of the favourites I’m going to feature are repurchased scents, meaning I’ve loved them enough to buy more of them. I’ll be sharing those with you today, as well as a few from a recent haul of Fall and Winter scents that I’ve enjoyed on cold!

[WilmaShop.com] | [Wilma Facebook Group]



Fake Clean // I’m pretty sure everyone has a certain clean scent that they prefer to scent their homes with. Fake Clean happens to be mine. It’s not an overwhelming “Lemon Pledge” 🍋 clean scent, but it smells a bit like a cleaner. I also get a bit of fabric softener off of it. I’m not selling this scent well, but it is my favourite scent. Flat out.

Blue Ribbon Cookies // If you like bakery, you’ll like this scent 🍪. It has the tone of a buttery shortbread, but with a hint of brown sugar and vanilla. A delicious mixing scent to be paired with whatever you like. Fruity, musky, anything. It adds a scrumptious bakery note to anything it’s mixed with.


Juicy Pear // I am a fruity fan, through and through. Always have been. However, there’s something delicious about a clean straight fruity scent, no spice. That’s what this scent is. A tart yet juicy pear scent. Not syrupy sugar based at all. Yummy! 🍐🍐🍐

Iced Lemon Biscotti // This is one of my favourite lemon scents. In fact, I really don’t always like lemon scents, but this reminds me sooooo much of a lemon bar it just makes me happy. The crispy shortbread crust and the slightly sweet yet tart lemon almost custardy scent is so good!


Coffee Brulee // Freshly brewed black coffee and caramel ☕. I actually love this scent a lot, because it’s soo strong! Like kick ya’ in the face strong! My mom is actually not a fan of this scent because she isn’t into caramel scents, but I love it because the strong coffee and caramel notes are distinguishable, yet blend together so well.

Blue Lagoon // If you could describe an ocean scent as fresh, this would be it 🌊. It has that touch of man cologne ocean scent at the base, but it’s not obnoxious in anyway. Accompanying is a sort of seaweed greenery scent, and a strong salty seawater. If you prefer clean ocean breeze scents that can pack a punch in terms of scent throw, this is my go to.

Honorable Mentions:


  • Grapity Grape // I would get speared by one of our closest family friends if I didn’t mention this one because she loves it so much. I definitely enjoy this one as well, but it is incredibly strong. The scent itself is a hardcore candy / grape bubblegum scent 🍇. Delicious mixer, but a bit much on it’s own for me.
  • Cerulean Blue // Mmm, I just had a sniff of this one to bring the scent notes back into my mind, and it really is a delicious scent. A highlight of this scent is coconut (not something I’m normally into). It isn’t super strong on the coconut, but it’s there. In general, this is a warm scent with melons (like cantaloupe melon). I also sense vanilla, but I think the coconut was masking it a bit.


  • Strawberry // While this scent is also one of my favourites, it is simple. It’s a nice warm strawberry scent 🍓. I would not describe it as a fresh picked strawberry scent (like, if you were to smell a strawberry), but it’s definitely not as strong as grapity grape on the sweeeeet candy.
  • Lipstick & Lollipops // L&L is a blend of the everfamous Pink Sugar by Aquolina dupe and a generally, “fruity candy” scent. I think the only insight on this scent I can give is that one of the notes smell a lot like a Jolly Rancher / sweet sugary hard candy scent 🍬🍭🍬. Not a soft fluffy cotton candy type (if you can tell the difference, I know I can). I actually thought this smelt a lot like Cerulean Blue, but there are definite differences because of the Pink Sugar base.

That was a LOT of fruity scents, I know it. They’re just my go to’s, they always smell good to me. However, I did recently pick up some Fall + Winter scents (or how I like to refer to them- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas scents 😂) that are from a different scent type category that I’m enjoying. These are all from cold sniff, of course.

Fall & Winter


Christmas Wish // Very unique! I’ve never ever smelt a scent blend like this. Christmas cookies and Christmas tree 🎄! Definitely not super strong on the sweet at all, very light vanilla, etc. The pine also isn’t particularly offensive. Definitely will smell cool with the tree. Bakery and earthy greeny aren’t very commonly combined categories, but this definitely works.

Frankincense & Myrrh // This is unique as well. Definitely not for those who don’t like earthy, and I don’t know how long I’ll personally be able to take it on warm, BUT it does smell good. I find myyrh to be a LOT  like black licorice, and the incensey earthy Frankincense is good as well. Strong and delicious.

Cranberry Bog // This screams a bit more like “traditional Christmas scent”. Simply put, it is a nice lightly spiced cranberry scent. Like I said, traditional, must have, etc.  I like it because the cranberry isn’t completely over done with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc.

Creamy Pumpkin // A really nice pumpkin 🎃. On cold, the pumpkin isn’t extremely strong, but I expect it to come out nicely on warm. The vanilla in this isn’t a bad blend in either.

Apple Harvest // Along the same lines as Cranberry Bog, this is a lightly spiced apple. But I will say, this does not smell just like my Mac Apple from Wilma. the spice is a bit more pronounced. Definitely not overpowering to the apple, but it’s 100% there 🍎🍏🍎.

Gingerbread Cookies // Ahh, the ancient gingerbread cookie scent. This is a truly good one, though. This is definitely a nice cookie scent but the unique part of this scent compared to others is that you can actually smell the molasses like a normal gingerbread man. With many gingerbread cookie scents you really can’t pull that out because the spices are so overpowering. This has a much better balance.

All Hallows Eve // If you’re in search of a traditional warm fall scent this is definitely a good one. This one is probably the most spiced of all of them, an it definitely goes hard on the nutmeg. Less so considering the cinnamon, cloves, and possibly some ginger! While on cold I can’t pull any of the pumpkin from the scent description, there’s definitely some berry in the background, as well as what seems like an orangey citrus.

So those were my wax scent favourites and my Fall + Winter picks! I hope this inspires you to look into some different scents than you may not be used to, and maybe even to check out Wilma. I really love their wax, and their scent selection. I recommend Wilma to the moon and back!

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