Mascara 101 | Application: Stationary Wand + Blinking vs Brushing Upwards

There seems to be two schools of thought when applying mascara to the upper lashes.

  • Pulling the wand upwards through your lashes (with possible wiggling at the base to provide extra darkness before brushing through the length of your lashes).


  • Keeping the wand stationary at the base of your lash line, and blinking your lashes through the product against the wand.

The Difference Is…

Completely up to personal preference, as well as the look you’re attempting to achieve with your lashes.

I recently discovered the difference and it actually fascinated me, and changed a misconception that I had in place for years.


My lashes are definitely okay. They are medium to long and fairly dark. I have medium / dark brown hair, so that already gives me a bit of an advantage to those who have light or blonde hair in terms of lashes. I can more easily use darker colored mascaras and have it look natural. But, I do struggle with maintaining curls as my lashes prefer to direct downwards like a pointed roof. I think that type might be more useful in keeping things out of my eyeballs, but definitely is not my desired look when I actually want to put makeup on. I use waterproof mascaras purely because I have particularly watery eyes in general AND I cry. A lot. Regardless of the related emotions, I’m always crying. So waterproof mascara is a must have for me.


I always curl my lashes with my beloved BH Cosmetics eyelash curler. This has inclined me to use the first method of moving the brush through my lashes, as I can visually see the extent of my lashes. However, I am not a fan of clumped lashes. I would prefer long thinner darkened lashes over clumped “voluminous” short insect leg lashes. And I find that often when I am using the brush through method, I am much more likely to end up with clumpy lashes.


I recently, however, discovered the blink through method for myself. I had occasionally seen people applying mascara this way, and it always seemed uncomfortable. But, realistically, anything going that close to my eyeball is going to be uncomfortable. So I figured it was worth giving it a try to see if I liked the effect.

And to be real, I really have liked the look of it! A lot!

The blinking through helps deal with excess product, prevents clumping, and makes my lashes truly feel long and look dark.

As I have semi hooded lids, I struggled with accidentally tapping my eyelids with the mascara wands when having to manually lift the wand through my lashes. Somehow, magically, I don’t struggle with mascara smudging in areas where I don’t want it with the blink through method. I think it has something to do with the curvature of my lashes after I curl them.

I believe that it keep the wand from having to go through up towards my lid as I’m blinking down, AND keeps my lashes from tapping the lower lash line with wet just applied mascara before I can get my eyes open again.

If you have pin straight lashes and don’t curl them, I think you may struggle with the blinking method. If you curl your lashes and have never tried the blinking method, I highly suggest it, even if to just try it and see if you like the effect. You may be pleasantly surprised, like I was.


My go to mascara routine is combining two different mascaras. They are my favourite mascara formulas of all time, but they just weren’t the most realistic for my original routine, and I was rarely satisfied by the outcome. However, now that I’ve discovered the magic of the blinking method, they are both working even better for me, and I am really enjoying the look of my lashes now.



Maybelline’s Full and Soft Waterproof is a great naturalistic mascara. The standard natural bristle wand is nice for both separation and adding a bit of texture. I love the way it makes my lashes feel, and it is a nice everyday mascara. It lays down a nice base layer for days when I want a little more, and helps maintain the natural look and feel.



Maybelline’s the Rocket Waterproof has a rubber bristle wand. This is a truly volumizing formula, but I love it more and more for the design of the separation on the wand between the bristles. This is an awesome topper mascara to finish off your lashes. It separates the lashes, while building coats effortlessly.


Overall, like all makeup, mascara is an incredibly personal thing. Your preferences will be king for you. But, like all makeup, it can be wiped away. You can try again tomorrow.

Always know that makeup is inherently creative. Like art, there are no rules. You should always wear your makeup the way you enjoy it, and don’t let anyone shame you for it.

Have an open mind to your makeup application! It can be so easy to get in a rut with what “works”, and you may never be able to open your mind to the possibilities.

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