Using a Sewing Machine | First Impressions & Commentary on Creativity

I got a sewing machine for my 19th birthday on the 22nd of September.



What did you think when you saw that? Because I definitely get how that sounds.

I told you, I’m basically 65 in my soul.

And I’m completely unashamed about that.


Here’s my new baby, a Brother JX 2517. Unfortunately they don’t have a name yet, but I’m feeling Denise. Maybe Marta? Hmm, gimme suggestions please! I honestly chose this machine based on the abundance of good reviews (and the ease of use for beginners stated within said reviews).

I’ve gotten into fabrics over the past few years, ever since I’ve gone reusable for a lot of my household goods! I figured this was a natural progression, making my own everything (within reason).

I also knew that there may be a strong learning curve with using a machine, no matter how user friendly a machine is reported to be.

I had used a sewing machine a total of maybe two times before getting my own. Each of those times, someone else set up, threaded, wound, (etc.) everything for me.

However, I am happy to report that I watched threading instruction videos (for both the upper thread and the winding and threading of the bobbin) I was able to easily thread my machine with no issue at all.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do so without help, as most people say that’s the most difficult part of using a sewing machine. Maybe this style of machine is more simplified than those models, but I was surprised at how big of a deal it wasn’t!

The first thing I made with my sewing machine, some double sided face cloths. They have microfiber on one side and flat cotton on the other. Useful for learning how to deal with toweling AND straight lines.

In terms of materials, I mostly have been using scraps. Old fabric napkins no one uses, used up old towels, even stretchy tshirts.

However, a few weeks ago, when I was anticipating getting a sewing machine, I decided to go and pick up a bit of fabric from my local Hellmart. And it was so fun, let me tell you.

As someone who is obsessed with patterns, designs, and textures, buying fabric in real life is so pleasing for my aesthetic and my need to feel things.

The fabric I got! Some prepackaged quilting fat quarters, a yard of that gorgeous DOTD Sugar Skulls cotton, and two yards each plain flannel and black anti-pill fleece. (Also featuring some food for a friend’s puppers underneath!)

As you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying the things surrounding the action of actually sewing. Sewing itself is a bit better than okay. There hasn’t been a lot wrong with the experience. It’s cool to make things!

I never truly thought of myself as a creative being. I enjoy being analytical, learning new information, and presenting that information. My specialty is United States History.

However, there’s an issue with having that as a hobby. There really is nothing physical to represent that. That changes when you have a hobby that creates physical objects. You can quantify how much you’ve done by looking at what you’ve fabricated with your own two hands.

There’s something so incredibly rewarding in that sense. And as someone who, for some reason unbeknownst to me, enjoys praise and validation from others, it does a hell of a lot for my confidence.


On a lighter note, I’m very much not a fan of certain parts. It can be super boring. Pinning, tracing and cutting fabric, clipping edges and turning and poking out seams, it’s just so boring!

But I guess that comes with the action of sewing with a machine. And any annoyances I have with the sewing prep are definitely overridden by the fun I have while actually sewing and having the final product. And I think that is the moral of the whole experience, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn it. ❤️

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