A small reusable mini muffin cup resting on a pale hand. In the background are many more placed upside down, slightly damp, drying from being just washed.

The Magic of Silicone Baking Cups (& How Making Mini’s Has Helped Me With Portion Control)

I’ve loved making mini muffins since I’ve started doing meal prepping and doing portion control. They’re so satisfying to eat, in one or two bites. Plus they’re just cute! Let me have cute foods, it’s just the best. Since I’ve realigned my mindset about food this year, I’ve been paying more attention to how the food tastes and nourishes my body instead of how it looks. When I feel like putting in that effort as a little treat to myself, mini muffins have been the go to!

However, I try to be as eco friendly as possible. And mini muffin tins are the worst of the worst for cleaning out their metal wells. So I begrudgingly used paper liners for a while, but they don’t work for certain foods (mini omelettes in paper liners are gross, but prying cooked egg out of metal is even grosser 🤢). And I just hated the amount of waste that went along with them with how frequently I was needing more of them because of my freezing and prepping routine.

So, this week I wanted to make up a batch of pumpkin mini muffins, half to freeze for later in the month and half to eat for breakfasts and snacks of the next two weeks. (The family got a hold of these yesterday though, so I don’t think the freezing is going to happen 😂). My recipe ended up getting 62 minis, so they ended up around 50 calories a piece. I plan on having four for breakfasts with a small banana or apple and my iced almond milk (cold brew 😍) lattes!A small reusable mini muffin cup resting on a pale hand. In the background are many more placed upside down, slightly damp, drying from being just washed.These little babies are AMAZING.


My focus over the past few years is finding reusables to reduce our daily household disposable waste. I’ve known about these for a while, so every time I picked up paper muffin cups I felt BAD. I knew they’d be worth the investment but I was still nervous.

I’m happy to report: I was right.

They’re a brilliant investment (without a ridiculous price tag).

I know many people recommend adding additional time for silicone baking pans and the like, but because minis take so little time to bake I didn’t notice that at all. The recipe called for 13-15 minutes and I took them out at 15 and they were perfectly done. They also seem more moist than normal, but the top still has that iconic muffin top texture. All around, just what I love in a muffin.

And best of all, the clean up was amazing. I tend to leave my muffins to sit in the pan for up to 5 minutes so they can set and finish baking (as most recipes suggest). But as I was picking them up out of the pan, they just popped out of the case! 😲 No pulling, no ripped liners, no leaving half of the muffin behind in the case. And I didn’t even grease them! I tossed them in my mixing bowl with some hot soapy water, let them sit in the hot water for twenty minutes, and then they were clean. Because there was no crumb residue left behind from the muffins, they just needed to break down any left over oil from the batter. I agitated them a little bit in the hot water for my own sanity, and then rinsed them. SO EASY, and so worth it.

Here are my favourite ones**, the colours are cute and the price is so great for how amazing they are! I may get another batch of 48 to make soap cupcakes too ❤️

So yeah, minis are rad. Pumpkin Spice is rad. IT’S FALL, Y’ALL 🎃🎃🎃

(Anyone who hates on pumpkin spice just because it’s popular can suck my toe, and that’s the tea. It’s delicious and festive and in this near apocalyptic world we live in we need these little things to thrive! Get over it, just because girls like it doesn’t make it bad.)

And anyways, next on the agenda is mini omelettes, I’m ready to conquer those little devils 😈

Happy Fall, loves! 🍂

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