12038495_1207419405941916_6062696285852926162_n (1) 30 April 2016.

Hello! My name is Danielle (or Pixie) and I’m an internet person (if I may say that). I’m have the most affinity with YouTube, having been an active member since around 2007 (or around when I was 9), under a few different pseudonyms. I’ve been PixieLovesItAll since mid2013 and I feel the best here. At the moment, I’m inactive in terms of vlogging, but when I get my tech updated it would be amazing to get back to my roots and start making videos again.

In terms of my interests, they really are extremely random. Animation, EcoAwareness, Music, Meditation, Photography, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Planning, Health, Gender Issues, etc. I truly love it all. Balance is one of the most interesting and enthralling topics to me, and if I close myself off to something completely it will mess with my head. The only things that this doesn’t apply to are drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. I have been committed Straight Edge since I was 13, and I have never drank alcohol, taken drugs, or smoked at any point in my life. In terms of why, the simplest answer is that my family has a strong history of addiction, and I have a very addictive personality. Doing any of those things, even casually, would not turn out well. I’ve also been on the vegetarian spectrum since I was 14, rotating most commonly from vegan to lacto-ovo vegetarian to pescetarian. Recently due to health issues (related to anemia and my reproductive system) I’ve been advised to integrate poultry into my diet. However, I still consider myself to be on a plant based diet. I have not eaten red meat since I was 14.

Apart from that, I am an open book. If you ask me my opinion on something, I’ll give it to ya! Check out my disclaimer if you have any questions related to my blog and products or partnering with brands. Thank you! ❤